Moscow Id Lawyers
Moscow Idaho Lawyers

The Law Offices of Magyar, Rauch
& Thie, PLLC
  The Law Offices of Magyar, Rauch & Thie operates in
both Moscow and Pullman.  Our firm has broad
capabilities in the ability to represent clients on both
sides of the border between Moscow and Pullman.  We
feel it is necessary to be competent in both jurisdictions
to allow our clients to be advised on the consequence of
their actions in both states.  

For example the effects of a DUI in Washington and how
it affects your Idaho license or the consequences of an
Idaho DUI on a Washington license.  Also it is imperative
for custody matters when choosing a jurisdiction for
divorce because when the option presents itself, each
jurisdiction has benefits and consequences that will
affect you.  
There are also different statute of limitations in the two
different states that may or may not bar your cause of
actions or allow your law suit to go forward depending
on where you file.  

Having attorneys that service both states also is a
matter of convenience for you the client; you will only
have to have one attorney or law firms for all of your
legal matters.